Monday, December 15, 2008

Manchester/Long Branch/Providence

Slid across the table at The Bridge.

We went up to Manchester the other night, even though Sam's father and older brother kept calling us and telling us to stay at Hampshire because there were two inches of ice on the highway, which there weren't anymore. The Northeast had gotten power-glazed the night before (when we were driving back from Long Branch).

The worst of it that we saw was some light wreckage. We saw white trees playing creepy-touch with our car. The power was still out all the way up to New Hampshire, so at 6pm we were driving through a zombie movie at midnight. Sam kept making up little songs about it, using the tune of "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" to say things like "This is really kind of creepy." He also used the tune of "Sweet Caroline" to say a whole lot of things. I told him to stop.

But Manchester was fun. We tried out some different things, like Sam opening with "Dinner With My Mom," and then me doing "I'm Standing Around Looking Like a Grown-Up" (a.k.a. "the dinosaur poem") as my first piece. McKendy was there to give us some noise, which was great because otherwise it's a pretty quiet venue. But I guess they liked us. Fun times.

Long Branch was a blast though. LoserSlam happens in the attic of this little diner-y restaurant called The Inkwell. Connor Dooley hosts it, snarkily, and he and the DJ keep digging on each other the whole time (is he actually called DJ Little Daughter or did Connor just make that up? I'm not sure). In their slam, the lowest scores win, so their 0 is everyone else's 10. The winner did a typical slam "addiction poem" about being addicted to playing BINGO. Amazing.

Clearly the highlight from Blue State in Providence, all charming Ryk moments aside, was Sam doing "Aram" with a flautist that we saw on the mic. This guy carves his own flutes, which are the kind that can sound two notes at the same time, and plays them beautifully. I wish I could find his MySpace or something.

That's all the update I've got in me for now. Next up: Portland and the Worcesters. I'm looking forward to doing the Jumpin' Juice & Java gig and all, but it's going to be really hard to follow last night's feature over there. It was Karen Finneyfrock. Yeah. Wow.

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