Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can has Internet?

So Steve introduced me to "LOL Cats". He kept talking about how much he liked them, and I kept saying "What the hell are you talking about?" and he said "Don't you like, use the internet?"

Apparently, LOL cats are something of a big deal. So I checked it out (http://www.icanhascheeseburger.com) And I came to the following conclusion.


1. Old Ladies
2. The people that the character Angela from "The Office" is designed to make fun of
3. Steve

And that's why I love him so very very much.

So! Onto the most recent shows!

Loser Slam,
Long Branch, NJ

This show was a blast. We seem to really be hitting our stride, the sets are flowing really well and both of us are starting to instinctively be able to respond to one another. I made a slight rhythmic misstep on the birthday song, but Steve covered it up for me, so nobody really noticed. Connor, the Lost Slam host, is an absolute love, and I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to meet him. The fun thing about doing shows away from home is getting to perform our hits and have the audience react to them for the first time. Its always nice to get a fresh reaction. I once had a crowd mistake "Can You Look Me In The Eyes And Lie To My Mother" as a comedy piece. That was strange.

NH Poetry Slam
Manchester, NH

This is my home venue, so this show going well was really important to me. The crowd was pretty small, as there was massive power outages and ice storms all over the North East, but they were enthusiastic and receptive. Steve and I performed some newer work that we don't get the chance to read very often, which was pretty cool. I really like performing "Handstand", a poem that I wrote for my friend Mark, with Mark in the room.

Tonight is Portland. I'm going to make us a couple CDs to play in the car on the way there, the play lists of which will be posted on this blog tomorrow. The goal is to make my guilty pleasure mix AND a more serious mix.


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amusings_bnl said...

i am a big fan of the LOLcats, and in fact, we started LOLspeare as a movement. we have a facebook group. we capshun pickshurs of shakespeare performances.

because we have nothing better to do. i bet if you (Sam) have some fun pickshurs from "Titus" we could make some LOLs out of them.

hope the tour is going well. happy new year
-chris geiger