Monday, December 22, 2008

Disaster Strikes

So look at that: our show at Jumping Juice & Java got cancelled because of the horrible snow and we didn't even tell you. We're sorry; that was not very thoughtful of us. We'll tell you when it gets rescheduled--it'll be sometime in February.

Last time we were in Worcester, on Thursday, The Ship showed us a great time, but I'm not really sure how to describe it in appropriate or savory terms. I'm sure that anyone who has been to the ship can sympathize with me. The Ship is literally a ship that people drink in, and it's been serving alcohol continuously for a century. During the prohibition, the password was "I'm here for the Worcester Yacht Club meeting"
(Worcester is landlocked).

I'll just say that it was an honor to perform my poetry in such an intimate setting with Victor Infante in the audience. We were also both insanely pleased that Erin Jackson was there with us.

Portland was fun too. Their venue makes this terrific sandwich, the Carina, which has this smokey tempeh bacon and mesclin salad, and you can even get it with avocado, and they've got Allagash on tap, so I was set. They even had these vegan pumpkin cookies which were pretty awesome.

This old man with a fiddle showed up just as I was about to perform my one serious poem (which is about when a dear friend of mine wanted to kill herself). As soon as I started the poem, he started strumming the fiddle dramatically, usually just accenting the end of a phrase. I think it was an A major chord. Curiously, he didn't do much during our songs. We talked to him afterward. Sweet guy.


Kate said...

You also stayed at a really cool girl's house in Worcester. She brought 3 people with her to your show, which consequently, she enjoyed profusely.

That is all.

Steve Subrizi said...

This is very true. Kate, you are really cool.