Thursday, January 1, 2009

2SG Vlog 2 (Plainsfield, IN -- Denver, CO)

I totally didn't realize that fortune cookies were not vegan until now. Dang...


C Rudz said...

... i never really know what your vlogs are about... but i really enjoy them. is that ok? i watch them while i'm doing other things online and i feel like i'm hanging out with you guys haha.

Jason Henry Poetry said...

the cantab nativity is genius.

Not sure about Sean as baby Jesus though... but definitely Oz as wiseman 1, Sione as Wisewoan 2, and I'm trying to think of who could play the third. Second thought, the third one will definitely be Sue Savoy.

No idea if there would be a good candidate for Virgin marry, but there could definitely be multiple Mary Magdalene options.

Manuel said...

floyd got trashed, eh?


Justine Urbikas said...

you kids are silly.

Sam, isn't sleeping on silk sheets fabulous?
now that he's left Chicago I'm relying on you to take care of that boy when he gets back to colorado.